Red Emperor

Model: S5-1BCE Red/White

Tall ceramic lamp of classic shape finished with a large empire shade and polished Mahogany base. The lamp body is finished in a rich red glaze which close-up has a high lustre fine granular appearance. The large white cotton empire shade measures 100cm diameter by 68cm tall. One photo also shows this lamp fitted with a floral black and creamy white shade measuring 100cm diameter by 820mm tall. The positional relationship between shade and vase is adjustable during manufacture due to the modular light fitting design allowing optimal positioning and overall presentation depending on the shade type/size to be fitted.

Simple yet stunning.



Maximum Wattage: 150W
Bulb: 100W GLS or 21/23W (CFL/GLS) 100mm Diameter Globe Bulb
Height: 2m - 2.2m
Weight: 54kg
Rating: CE 230-240V