Drummer Boy

Model: S5-1BCD Red/White

Tall ceramic lamp of classic shape finished with a drum shade and Mahogany base. The shade fitted here is relatively small at 80cm diameter, larger diameter drum shades or shades of shorter overall hieght are also possible with and without top or bottom diffusers. The lamp vase is coated in a rich red glaze which when viewed close-up has a high lustre fine granular appearance. The circular drum shade is covered in a simple stylish white textured linen cloth with clear PVC backing allowing considerable light diffusion both above and below and through the shade wall of the shade itself.

A wonderful lamp in a beautiful glaze finish



Maximum Wattage: 150W
Bulb: 100W GLS or 21/23W (CFL/GLS) 100mm Diameter Globe Bulb
Height: 2m
Weight: 54kg
Rating: CE 230-240V