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    Inspiralight Ltd, design house, manufacturer and supplier of large scale decorative table and floor lamps (Luminaires). Statuesque sublime ‘gargantuan' pieces creating a magical atmosphere and magnificent focal point to any interior space.
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    Herefordshire/Monmouthshire border specialising in the creation of quality large (some say huge) bespoke decorative lamps in period, classical, contemporary and modern styles for private individuals, interior designers, hospitality, commercial and corpora
  • Products
    Massive decorative luxury bespoke table and floor lamps by Inspiralight
    • Modern Floor Lamps
    • Tall Ceramic Lamps
      Very large ceramic vase lamps (Luminaires), overall heights to 2.5m, made from strong Portuguese clay and hand thrown on a potter’s wheel by a master craftsman
    • Short Ceramic Lamps
      Magnificent ceramic vase lamps reminiscent of classic table lamps with a contemporary twist embodied here in a lamp of substantial size.
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    Inspiralight contact form and questionaire
  • Information
    Bespoke services and customisation information for the creation of truly unique quality lamps of immense stature and character from Inspiralight
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    • Finishes
      Optional paint, metalisation, glaze and shade finishes for Inspiralight lamps
      • Ceramics
        Very large glazed ceramic lamp luminaire vase and pot information
      • Paints
        Paint finishes for large glass fibre GRP carbon fibre luminaires
      • Bases
        Wooden lamp base plates for Inspiralight’s very large decorative lamps/luminaires
    • Shades
      Very large lamp custom lampshades made to order in various styles and covering options
  • News
    New lamp developments and company news